Truskavets is a cosy and ecologically clean region, situated at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, surrounded by picturesque hills and green forest, filled with crystal clear air. Mild continental climate with average annual temperature of + 7,6 ° C is typical for Truskavets. This climate has beneficial effects on treatment and complements the resort wellness programs. City impresses with the variety of mineral water sources and ozokerite deposits. The local salt “Barbara”, which is boiled out of concentrated salt solution (brine), is the analogue of the famous Karlovy Vary salt.

Truskavets can improve health of up to 350 thousands of visitors annually. More than 70 spa institutions are ready to do the honors of the house.

Doctors and highly qualified medical personnel make 40% of the staff working in the health-resort service of Truskavets. Time-tested traditions of treatment and balneology are continuously transmitted to new generations of doctors.

The resort researches and diagnostics are conducted in 28 clinical and 14 biochemical laboratories, including immunological, bacteriological laboratories, laboratory of immunoenzyme and radioisotope diagnostics, cabinets of functional diagnostics of cardiovascular system and endoscopy.

There are three forms of health improvement in the resort practice:post operational medical rehabilitation; spa treatment for chronic diseases; prophylaxis health improvement. The service includes more than three hundred of medical and medioprohylactic procedures for visitors.